Introduction to the 12-12-12 book and website

In the summer of 2003, with an advertising budget of 36 pounds, an unusual and controversial site was launched that lists every major issue in the World. Amazingly it has reached the first page of several search engines, linked to by many websites and is being read worldwide. It contains a wealth of information for journalistic or educational research.

It started off as a research hobby by an ordinary member of the public who had in-depth senior consulting experience in Enterprise Systems Management at large computer centers. He decided to place his findings and opinions on the internet so that anyone, especially students and teachers at senior High Schools and Universities, could talk about and propose solutions for problems in their local communities and the World in general.

The website deals with a seemingly ridiculous hypothesis: what if an ordinary member of the public that no one had ever heard of, unilaterally decided 'to take over the World' as 'Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth'? What if this first ever self proclaimed 'Cyberspace Global Ruler' decided to list every problem facing mankind and then provide hundreds of 'edicts' and 'commands' to get them resolved peacefully by a certain date, which he has decided MUST be December 12th 2012? (Hence the title of his book and website.)

To make the site more interesting, and to avoid the accusation of being on an ego trip, the author Andronicos decided to include critical - and at times cynical - commentary and argue with himself and his own findings in public! There is even a secret code to break, which despite many attempts to do so, no one has succeeded as yet.

Enjoy reading 12-12-12. If you are newspaper editor, there is even a poll to participate in should you wish. If not, we are sure the site will provide you personally and your colleagues with a wealth of research material by using some of the many external links provided, which cover most topics under the sun.

The strictly non-profit 12-12-12 website, which does not allow ANY form of commercial advertising can be accessed below. It has been described as a blue print for World peace and poverty eradication and even a modern day version of 'Common Sense': a simple pamphlet written 200+ years ago by Thomas Paine that helped to ignite the American Revolution.

An online press interview can be read by clicking on the author's name at 12-12-12. Kindly note, due to the number of hits, there are occasions when the server is overloaded.

From the Office of the Director of The Human Race and Manager Planet Earth
(The World's First Cyberspace Global Ruler)

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