11.150 The New Civil Calendar December 22, 2012 (01/01/01 ACH):

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What if you were put in charge of the World tomorrow? How would you run the planet?

If you have arrived onto this page from an external link or search engine, the material below will make no sense whatsoever unless you know why www.12-12-12.org was written. A very brief summary can be read by clicking here

This globally popular educational and research website lists every national and international problem in the world in a rather unusual and entertaining way, so remember to bookmark www.12-12-12.org in your favourites folder! For the record: Andronicos the author does not profess to greatness in any shape or form. Lets continue.................

Andronicos "The Great" as Director of the Human Race and Manager Planet Earth commands and Andronicos "The Cynic" responds as follows.........


Before reading this subsection within the 12-12-12 book, ponder the following: Why do many religions ancient and modern assume that the "End of the World" is a literal catastrophic event? Why can't it mean something positive such as the "End of the World as we know it", culminating in a new epoch where the human race have no more wars and extreme poverty is eradicated?
There are 200,000 people who rule the World. They have the power and influence to make the 12-12-12 initiative work. Read HOW they can make it happen without violence, throughout this site and 12-12-12 book.

I have decided to merge ALL the civil calendars of the World into a new Global one. Of course, religious calendars based on lunar cycles will continue for those who wish to use them while the moon as we know it exists.

I direct businesses to start planning now for the 1 ACH computer bug. The date December 22nd 2012 will be replaced with the date "1st of .. in the year 01" and be written 01/01/01 dd/mm/yy format. "A C H" stands for "Anno Concordia Humanus" which in Latin means "in the year the human race became civilised".

Effective at one second past midnight on December 22nd 20121, the new civil calendar celebrating Global Peace and security will be born. It will mark several days of celebrations starting from December 12, 2012 December 12th, 2012 until the end of the first new day of the new calendar.

From 1 ACH all months will be 30 days in length with the exception of the 12th month every year, which will be 35. Leap years will cease as you know them. They will be replaced with a 3 day leap year every twelve years, starting in 12 ACH (2025 CE). Special events, celebrations and festivals will take place throughout the universe every time Earth has a leap year in future.

As a sign of observance by the manufacturers of "western" diaries, I direct all diaries from 2003 to start on December 12th and end on December 31st. The extra 20 days will cost hardly anything to manufacture or store. So do it .

Why have I chosen December 22nd and not December 12th to either mark the end or start of the new year? Well, it's not for religious "sun" worship purposes. I'm happy when it's a sunny day, but I don't worship astronomical phenomenon such as stars. Neither is it as a sign of acceptance to the Mayan belief that the end of the 5th Age (or epoch) will occur sometime between December 21 2012 and December 23 2012. No, it's because I am a neat, organised sort of person and want the winter/summer solstice to mark planetary year boundaries regardless of planet. It's much more tidy to use a cosmic standard.2

(Here's an interesting coincidence for those who like this sort of thing. Compare Mayan Chronology with Biblical Chronology. Note the death of the first man Adam is in the same (all inclusive) year as the start of the Mayan 5th Epoch)

I have also decided that the new calendar will replace all references to egotistical Roman Emperors and tribal "Gods" by renaming all the months. I have already decided the new naming convention but am still open to suggestions. (Interesting external resources about the Mayan calendar relating to the year 2012 can be found here)

1 Hebrew year: 5773 Islamic year: 1433

2 The solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the southern one.

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